What We Do

Contentfnnl is the fastest way to gather market intelligence and gain competitive advantage in real-time.

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Optimize Aggregation

Aggregate industry trade press, business journals, blogs and social media feeds all in one place using Contentfnnl.

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Uncover Insights

Contentfnnl's sentiment analysis tool can measure the mood of an industry or business over a period of weeks, months or years.

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Credible Sources

Train the Contentfnnl machine learning algorithm using a content quality score, so you only read the content ‘you feel’ is worth reading.

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Identify Opportunities

Build PESTEL reports for an industry, sector or target business using Contentfnnl's powerful AI filtering tools.

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Stay Informed

The Contentfnnl semantic search engine enables you to identify contextually relevant content to enrich your research and reports.

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Customize Dashboards

Tailor the Contentfnnl dashboard to suit your needs including content sources, API integrations and data visualisation outputs.

Welcome to Contentfnnl

Align business goals with opportunities

Get real-time access to in-market restraints and drivers so you and your team can build agile commercial strategies to out pace the competition.

Cut market research time, improve customer conversion rates and help your commercial teams be more efficient.

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Second mockup of Contentfnnl platform.

Identify key market trends for your clients and prospects

Access to the most credible industry news and market insights allows your team to build a compelling case to win new business pitches and advise existing clients.

By allowing your commercial teams to define the content they trust they will be able to spot quick wins to help them win more business.

Second mockup of Contentfnnl platform.